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Des d’on vol volar?
Cap a on vol volar?
Quan vol sortir?
Sí que li agrada viatjar, eh? Ens sap greu, però només podem fer cerques de fins a 10 aeroports alhora.
Si us plau, esculli una data de tornada posterior a la de sortida. Quan fem viatges en el temps, ja l’avisarem.
O sigui que vol viatjar en el temps… Si us plau, comprovi que la data de tornada sigui posterior a la de sortida.
Només podem cercar vols d’aquí als propers 12 mesos. És vostè més previsor que nosaltres!
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WhichAirline.com is an innovative flight search engine that takes all the hassle out of finding the best flights thanks to its visual interface. The website searches more than 100.000 routes and brings results from all low cost airlines including Ryanair, easyJet and Wizz Air.

Instead of showing a chaotic list of results, WhichAirline.com puts the flights into neatly arranged graphs with visual hints for flight duration and all stopovers. The new search assesses both price and duration of flights and shows a list of high quality results sorted by price to duration ratio. Long flights with stopovers are penalised for the extra time and appear on top only if the price is significantly lower than for a direct flight.

What does WhichAirline.com do?

  • searches for flights among more than 100.000 routes all over the world
  • hides all flights that are either too expensive or too long
  • includes all low-cost airlines such as Ryanair or Wizz Air
  • allows you to visualize all flights duration
  • allows you to see direct and stopover flights at a glance
  • allows you to search flights from/to multiple destinations
  • offers all possible combinations of low cost airlines' flights
  • offers direct booking of the best routes
  • offers airfare deals alerting system
  • offers hotel and car hire search
  • allows you to browse airline and airport database


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Petra Vaškových

Petra Vaškových

WhichAirline.com marketing director Petra works as a marketing director and also takes care of media and PR. Apart from work she loves low-cost travelling, backpacking and exploring new places as well as new challenges. For media inquiries please contact Petra at petra@whichairline.com

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